New Policies and Procedures

  • Our facility is NOT open to the public. We are only open to participants taking the ice who have pre-registered online. No spectators, no fans, no parents. Skaters and players age 11 and under as well as those who need special assistance may be accompanied by ONE parent. Parents are required to follow all the same rules and regulations and will be asked to stay in the personal changing station or leave the facility. More information below in the "Example of Attending a Program"
  • Masks are required at our facility (not required on the ice)
  • Waivers MUST be printed and signed before entering our facility each and every time you visit. Click here to download and print/sign.
  • Our new policies and procedures will be enforced at all times. Any patrons that do not follow our new policies will be asked to leave the facility. Policies and procedures will be on our website and posted throughout the facility.
  • We are only offering limited programs that allow for social distancing at all times. These programs include:
    1. Freestlye
    2. Figure Skating Private Lessons
    3. Skating Academy (higher levels only, no skate rentals)
    4. Sticktime
    5. Hockey Private Lessons
    6. Adult Hockey Clinic
    7. Hockey Skills Clinics
    8. Inhouse Hockey Skills Clinics
    9. Limited Private Ice Sessions
    10. Skate Sharpening
  • We are NOT offering programs that do not allow for social distancing. These programs and amenities include but are not limited to the following: public skating, birthday parties, broomball, adult and youth hockey games, Inhouse hockey program, skating school for lower levels that require skate rental and assistance on the ice, lockers and locker rooms, vending machines, water fountains, skate rentals, pro shop, pros rooms.
  • Rigorous cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting procedures are now in place. Employees will be disinfecting high touch areas between each ice session. All employees will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment during their shifts. Each skater will be assigned a personal station to get their skates on/off and employees will disinfect entire station after each use.
  • Skaters, Players, Parents and Coaches are required to follow our new guidelines. Below is an image of the guidelines. You can also view the guidelines here. If you are unable to abide by any of these guidelines, please do not visit our facility.

**New policies and procedures continued below this image**

Return to the rink 6.2 compressed
  • All skaters and players and any parents accompanying 11 and under or those who need special assistance are required to sign our waiver each and every time they visit our facilities. The waiver must be printed at home and signed in advance. We will not be able to provide the documents for signature at the facility due to shared pens. Please be prepared and have your documents printed and signed before arriving. Waivers can be found HERE.
  • All programs will require online reservation and payment. We will not be accepting ANY payments at the rink. Please click the appropriate button below for the program you wish to attend. You will be taken to a registration and payment portal. Due to a number of restrictions and additional cleaning staff, fees have been raised. No punch cards will be valid until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. Thank you for your understanding.
  • No refunds. All sales final.

What to Expect When Attending a Program

(Skaters, Players and Parents MUST read all information)

  • Skaters and players will wait outside in their vehicles until 15 mins before their schedule session. Do not be late.
  • When you hear the whistle blow, please head towards the facility entrance, keeping 6 feet apart from others
    1. Skaters and players are required to be fully dressed in full skating attire and/or gear
    2. Face mask is required (not required while on the ice)
    3. No parents, fans, friends, spectators
    4. Children 11 and under or those who need special assistance may be accompanied by ONE parent. Parent must also practice social distancing from others (not from child) and wear a face mask.
    5. All valuables should be left at home.
  • Skaters and players will use hand sanitizer before checking in at welcome desk and are required to drop off the PRE-PRINTED and PRE-SIGNED waiver. Print waiver by clicking here. We will NOT be handing out any forms at the facility to avoid any cross contamination and shared pens.
    1. Parents assisting age 11 and under or those who need special assistance must also print and sign their own waivers. No waiver = no entrance into the facility. No exceptions.
  • Welcome desk host will provide them with their assigned changing station number. Skaters and players are to walk DIRECTLY to their station. No socializing, loitering or wandering.
  • Once skaters and players are at their station, they should begin putting on their skates.
  • If skaters and players need to use the restroom, we highly recommend they do this now, continuing social distancing guidelines.
  • Skaters and players are to wait in their assigned station until they hear a whistle blow.
  • Once whistle blows, skaters and players can line up, 6+ feet apart from others, and will be escorted into the rink.
    1. Skaters and players are allowed to take off their face masks at the time of whistle blow
    2. Skaters and players must leave any and all items in their station that cannot be worn on their body the entire time they are on the ice (including skate guards, water bottles are ok, tissues must be kept in pocket, no items on boards).
  • When the session is over, skaters and players will hear another whistle and will be escorted off the ice and back to their personal changing station, keeping social distance.
  • Skaters and players will have 15 minutes to get skates off and leave the facility.
  • If skaters and players have booked multiple sessions, skaters will be required to return to their personal changing station, gather belongings and RE-CHECK IN. Skaters and players will be assigned a NEW personal changing station so the previous stations can be cleaned for the next round of skaters and players.
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We understand our policies and procedures have gotten much stricter than they have been in the past. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. We are working diligently to keep our skaters, customers and employees safe while providing a fun and exciting environment for skaters. As things continue to progress, these guidelines may change and will be posted on our website. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are eager to serve our community of skaters and look forward to seeing you all again very soon. In the meantime, visit our social media pages and website frequently for additional information and regular updates. We appreciate your business very much.


Vacaville Ice Sports Management