Figure Skating


Freestyle is for competitive figure skaters who are training. Skaters must bring their own skates and be at level Freestyle 1 or higher to participate in these sessions. Skaters may also work one-on-one with a private coach during these sessions. Private sessions must be booked with the coach beforehand. Freestyle is not public ice time.

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Please review our Freestyle Etiquette before attending a Freestyle session.

Maniac Pass

The Freestyle Maniac Pass is a monthly Membership that starts on the first day of each month and expires on the last day of the month. The Maniac Pass provides competitive skaters full access to unlimited Freestyle sessions. Maniac pass is $475.



  • The Freestyle Maniac Membership will give skaters unlimited access to Freestyle sessions.
  • The pass will need to be renewed on the first of each month by the skater or the skater’s parent. The Membership is $475.
  • Skaters will still be required to check-in at the cashier booth prior to taking the ice each day, to verify membership status and sign in on the Freestyle sheet.
  • Pass is good from the 1st, through the last day of the month, regardless of when you sign up for the pass (for example, if you sign up on the 20th of April, it is still only valid through April 30th and you will need to renew again on May 1st. Therefore, it is recommended to sign up on the first of each month).
  • Membership will NOT auto renew. You will need to sign up each month.


Skating Academy

We offer skating lessons for all ages & abilities, from tiny tots to adults. Our Skating Academy is designed to take a student step by step from very basic skating skills to an advanced competitive level. We have something for everyone on the ice!

For additional registration information, please visit our Skating Academy page.

Tots - Ages 5 & under
Tots - Ages 5 & under

Camps and Clinics

Adult Skills Training Camp & Napa Valley & Sonoma Wine Tour

We will be offering Daily Clinics in Singles, Skating Skills, Ice Dance, Off-Ice Dance, Choreography, and Figures.

Presenting esteemed guest coaches from various parts of the country! The week will culminate with a delightful Wine Tour in the stunning Napa and Sonoma Valleys!

Be a part of this exciting opportunity! Forge new connections, enhance your skating prowess. Everyone, regardless of skill level, is invited to join us in 2024!

VIS Adult Training Camp (Instagram Post) (2)

ISI Competitions

Are you or your child dreaming of wearing a beautiful costume, skating to your favorite song, and receiving a huge applause from family and friends? This dream can easily become a reality and you don't have to be landing triple jumps (or any jumps at all!) to participate! Even tiny tots and adults at the most basic skating level can join in on the fun of performance and competition.

Once you have decided to join in on the fun, you will need to work with a coach to pick your music, choreograph a routine, and plan things like costume, props, etc. Reach out to  Skating Director Danielle Skinner for more information by emailing

Embrace the spirit of giving this holiday season by treating your loved ones to the extraordinary gift of our Skate a Gift Holiday Show. This highly anticipated annual exhibition, hosted by Vacaville Ice Sports, is a celebration of ice skating that welcomes participants of all ages and abilities.

Not only is this show a dazzling display of talent and skill, but it also serves as a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the community. Skate a Gift Holiday Show proudly partners with Toys-For-Tots, making it a donation drive where attendees are encouraged to bring new, unwrapped toys to spread joy to children in need during the holiday season.

Prepare to be amazed as skaters of all levels showcase their abilities in a mesmerizing performance that will leave you in awe. From graceful spins to breathtaking jumps, our talented skaters will captivate your hearts and create lasting memories.

Events available for solos, pairs, groups and teams!
Questions? Email Figure Skating Director Danielle Skinner at




USFS Competitions

These events are hosted by our USFS figure skating club. For more information or for questions, please visit their website HERE.




Private Lessons

Vacaville Ice Sports offers private figure skating lessons from a variety of highly skilled and trained coaches. Private lessons are best suited for skaters who are interested in creating programs to compete in local competitions and shows!

If you have not started group lessons, we recommend starting there before hopping on the ice with a private instructor. You can view our Skating Academy group classes by clicking HERE.

Private lesson fees are set by coaches individually and the fees do not include the public or freestyle session. The session time must be purchased separately. You can read each coaches bio below which includes their interests, accomplishments and personal coaching skills.

If you are interested in finding the right private lesson coach for you, please contact Skating Director Danielle Skinner for additional private lesson information by emailing Please send your skaters name, age, and any and all applicable skating experience.


Danielle Skinner

Figure Skating Director

Danielle has 23 years of skating experience. She has a passion for skating and choreography, and loves sharing that with others. She is a US Figure Skating (USFS) certified coach and a current USFS and ISI competitor. She has 6 years of Synchronized skating experience and is a 2-time USFS National Synchronized Skating competitor. She has passed ISI Freestyle 6, USFS Pre-Gold Solo Pattern Dance, Juvenile Free Skate, and Senior Moves in the Field. Danielle enjoys working with skaters of all ages and abilities!


Michael Dimalanta

Michael is a U.S. National High Performance Development Team Coach who has coach and choreographed for Regional, Sectional, National and International figure skaters. Michael himself is an International and World Competitor, a 2-time U.S. National Competitor, a Philippine National Champion, and toured internationally for 10 years with Holiday on Ice and Disney on Ice. Michael loves to motivate and work with skaters of all ages and abilities. He specializes in jump technique and also enjoys the creative process of choreography.


Caitlin Etie

Many years of skating experience in USFS including freestyle, moves in the field, dance and synchro. Five time Sectional and four time National USFS synchronized skating competitor. 2013 USFS synchronized skating sectional silver medalist. Enjoys working with all ages and abilities.


Kimberly Graves-Hamm

Kimberly Graves knows what it’s like to be in the spotlight. A former high-level ballet dancer, Graves danced in the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance as a child, later in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in Canada, and with the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. She spent years on the stage performing for crowds and is now taking her talents to the ice, working with some of the country’s top National Showcase skaters. 

What separates Graves from other coaches is her approach. She is very detailed with her work and pays attention to every last movement, encouraging skaters to use every part of their body to portray a character. She focuses on musicality, presentation, interpretation of character and smoother connections and transitions. She helps introverted skaters let go of inhibitions and skate BIGGER, projecting to an entire arena while not being afraid of the character they are portraying. 


Kaitlyn Landes

Kaitlyn Landes is a professional figure skating coach that has grown up here at Vacaville Ice Sports. She has 8+ years experience as a private skating coach, working with all ages, from 2 years to 60+ years. Her passions are coaching moves in the field as well as synchronized skating teams, working with adults, and also special needs skaters. Some of her skating accomplishments include passing her Gold Moves in the Field test, Pre-Gold Dances, and winning Silver at the Synchronized Skating National Championships in 2019.


Michelle Ray Davis

Michelle Ray is a National Figure Skating coach, IJS pundit and motivator who has worked with athletes across the country. Michelle is a member of the Professional Skaters Association and US Figure Skating Association. She has an active role with IJS Judging System as a Technical Specialist for Singles Skating with US Figure Skating for 13 years. She has been coaching Figure Skating for the past 25 years and has been involved in the sport for over 40 years. Michelle loves to coach figure skating and to work with children and adults of all ages to pursue their own dreams of being on the ice and building lifelong memories.


Shannon Sakata

Shannon has been involved in the sport for 24 years and has been coaching for 15 years. She works with recreational and competitive skaters, both singles and dance. She has coached skaters at the Regional and Sectional levels as well as National Showcase. She has helped skaters pass their gold tests in both Moves in the Field and Freeskate. She also has multiple students who have passed high level ISI tests including the Freestyle 10 test!

Some of her own accomplishments include, having the privilege of training under Olympic coach Christy Ness. She is a double gold medalist in Moves in the Field and Freeskate. She is a member of ISI and PSA and is an ISI gold level judge. She is the mother to four beautiful children. She also holds a BA in Early Childhood Education.

Figure Skating Coach

Sabrina Young

Sabrina has over 15 years of skating experience including both USFS and ISI. Her accomplishments include earning a gold medal by passing Senior Moves in the Field, passing the Juvenile Freeskate Test, and competing in National Showcase. She was involved in intercollegiate skating and is a current competitor at the Adult Gold level. Sabrina enjoys coaching students of all ages and abilities, and hopes to foster a love of skating in her students.


Anthony DeLuca

Anthony has been skating for almost 30 years and coaching for 12 years. He started rolling with his mom, who was also a roller figure skater and coach. Anthony was a competitive roller skater for 23 years. He competed at 9 World Championships, 17 National Championships, 1 World Games, 5 Pan American Games, and the Italy Cup. He also trained under some of the best Italian coaches in the sport. Anthony’s extensive roller skating background led to an easy transition into ice skating. He specializes in teaching ice dance, partnering skills, and pairs skating. He is passionate about sharing his love of the sport with his students.


William Wong

William has been involved in Figure Skating for over 30 years and enjoys all aspects and disciplines within the sport. He teaches skaters of all ages, skills and backgrounds. From the most basic skating skills to advanced skating maneuvers, William enjoys sharing his knowledge and excitement to this sport. Some of his personal skating accomplishments include passing both Senior Moves in the Field and Freestyle, as well as both Gold Partnered and Solo Ice Dance tests. He has also been named the ISI Coach of the Year in 2017 within Northern California. He holds current memberships to both US Figure Skating and the Professional Skating Association.


Brittany Wong

Brittany started skating over 20 years ago in the Vacaville Ice Sports Skating School and has been teaching in the Skating School since 2006. Brittany’s first love is skating and she enjoys sharing that with children and adults of all ages and abilities, but she especially enjoys working on basic skating skills!

Brittany’s skating accomplishments include passing her gold tests in Moves the Field, Partnered Pattern Dance, and Solo Free Dance as well as competing multiple times at National Showcase, the National Solo Dance Final, and the Synchronized Sectional and National Championships. Brittany is a professional member of ISI and USFS.

Guest Coaching at Vaca Ice

Joining the team as a Guest Coach at Vacaville Ice Sports offers an exciting opportunity to share your expertise and passion for ice skating with the community. As a Guest Coach, you will have the chance to collaborate with our full-time coaches and work with skaters of various skill levels. Guest Coaches can contribute to their development in a supportive and professional environment, while not having the commitments of full-time coaching staff.

To become a Guest Coach, there are a few important steps to follow. Firstly, you must submit a request to the Skating Director at least 48 hours in advance, expressing your interest in coaching at Vacaville Ice Sports. Additionally, you will need to provide appropriate insurance documents to ensure liability coverage.

As a Guest Coach, you are welcome to join us a maximum of 24 times per year. This allows for a diverse range of coaching knowledge while ensuring that our full-time coaches have priority and can make a living. If 24 days per year does not fit your needs, please contact us about any full-time coach openings and what those requirements look like.

A fee of $30 per hour is required for guest coaching services, with no half-hour discounts. These fees must be paid to Vacaville Ice Sports before stepping on the ice. Head Coaches (if applicable) should be notified and communicated with prior to the Guest Coach working with the skater, to ensure a collaborative and supportive environment.

As a Guest Coach, you can contribute to the growth and development of skaters at Vacaville Ice Sports with less commitment and more flexibility. Please reach out to discuss Guest Coaching today!

Vaca Valley Figure Skating Club

Vacaville Ice Sports is home to the USFS Vaca Valley Figure Skating Club (VVFSC). The club was formed in 1998.

The club, through membership in USFS, encourages figure skating skills and knowledge through a series of tests to measure the accomplishments of the skater in the four areas of figure skating. These are Moves In The Field, Free Skating, Pair Skating and Ice Dancing. Skaters must be members of USFS before they can be tested. This system is used as a base for skaters to qualify for the various levels of competition.

For more information about the Vaca Valley Figure Skating Club, please visit their website here.

Please contact Skating Director Danielle Skinner with any questions at