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“You have the BEST ICE in Northern Cali”!

I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have heard this. With ice rinks far and few in between in Northern CA, we do have a shortage of ice. Ice sports are growing out west, but facilities are not expanding nor are new ones being built to keep up with the demand.

Maybe this is because there is doubt more ice can be sustained long term, or the possibility of continued growth is just a dream or “might be” in the eyes of us who want to see the growth continue in ice sports.

Vacaville Ice is dedicated to providing the best opportunities, ice and prospects for your growth in the hockey and figure skating sports you love. You demand professional coaching, facilities and unlimited opportunities, and we’re here to provide them and help you succeed with your dreams. And yes, we do have the BEST ICE in Northern CA!!

See you on the ice!